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Let us handle all the technical processes required to create and maintain your company’s website so you can have peace of mind to focus on your business.

Our website services include all the essential elements you need to publish your company’s website to the internet.

Types of websites we normally offer:

Single page website

This option is the simplest we offer. It consists of a one page website that has all its sections (such as the main section, about us section, products/services section, contact us section, etc.) on the same page in a vertical format, which for some use cases is enough to display a company’s mission/information in a simple yet professional format.

Multiple pages website

This is the standard website setup where all sections mentioned above are located on separate individual pages.

What is included in all our fully managed websites:

We manage every aspect of the website creation, publishing, update and maintenance, so you don’t have to deal with technical issues that normally arise from managing a website and having it up to date.

Here is a list of the main elements that are covered by all our fully managed website services:

  • Domain registration and yearly renewals (.com, .net, etc.) when acquired from us*.
  • Domain privacy.
  • Publishing on servers (hosting) yearly renewals.
  • Database monthly management.
  • Email accounts setup and maintenance.
  • SSL security certificates (adds https to URL path)**.
  • Daily website backups (to quickly restore in case of hack or deletion).
  • Daily online status monitoring.
  • Content updates (on demand).
  • Contact forms.
  • Regular software updates.

We will only require from you the information you want us to include in your website through familiar programs like google sheets and google docs which are simple to use and great for team collaboration.

Typical example on collaboration:

Let’s say your production manager inputs all technical specifications and pictures, and your sales manager inputs all the products’ prices in the same file, which we will then use to process and upload the information to your site.

It is a very easy to use, and streamlined workflow that any employee can catch up fast.


* If there is an existing domain, you may continue to renew on the current platform, but this option would require you to be vigilant to renew it yearly. You can alternatively transfer it to our registrar for us to handle its yearly renewals for you.

** SSL certificate is especially important nowadays as major web browsers now display a very prominent warning to visitors if the site still works without the SSL certificate (with https on the URL path) which might deter them from entering the site.