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Ingenious Services is a division of Pina Group (HK), which have been in the wholesale business since 2010, and throughout the years we have been developing different inhouse tools to improve our workflow and make our businesses processes more efficient.

Some of these tools include a user friendly website to showcase products, a system to easily publish and update products on a regular basis by any personnel with basic computer knowledge, a quotation system capable of applying discounts based on production volume and a shipping cost calculator based on the rules applied by each shipping method, considering both net weight and volumetric weight.

We found the need to develop these tools in house as we couldn’t find an adequate solution to our needs on the typical software available in the market as these are pre set to a specific function and we needed a more customized solution that fit our needs and that could be expanded as we needed.

We have seen the power these systems have on productivity, so we decided to make this services available to other companies that might benefit from them.